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What is the detox? Change your routine forcely!!

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What is the detox? Change your routine forcely!!

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Hey welcome back! 

Today we are going to know about,
what is the detox and what is it’s needs to our lives?
Let’s begin!
we all are human beings,
and mostly human lifestyle going through their routine.
but, it seems like sometimes we are living that life which we don’t want to live or not good at live!
so what is the reason
why our routine changes? or 
why we are sometimes not deserves to our lives?
what is the main factor responsible for that?

the main reason for this position (sometimes)
is one and only our attention to that routine and disturbance by distraction.
you know!
sometimes, we are going to such extreme situation that we can’t find proper way of life and that’s happens only by our attention. 
for example, you are using your mobile continuously without completing your major work, like study
in this case, our routine changes badly! 
and finally we faced many difficulties related to our daily routine and time.
nowadays, social media is also hard opon responsible for time-wasting
but, we must have certain timings for differ things
and we should have enough maturity to identify that what is right and what is not…
it’s ok!
let’s assume that everything is going well., but even though why sometimes it’s hard to control ourselves?
for that, it’s required detox situation!
now let we consider that position, where you’re out from your all distractions.
yes! it is possible..
psychology says that if you’re able to keep yourself out from

your any distraction for 21 days,

you can make it your daily habit and routine.
detoxification is all about create that position, where you are totally free from your current distraction and put yourself in that position, where far far away no ideas about your distraction
it is one kind of challenge to yourself 
it’s really hard to complete because casually, sometimes due to situation we feel hard desired 
about that distraction.
but, it’s our duty to control ourselves and complete the challenge forcely or anyhow.


Generally, it divided into four categories
3 days challenge
7 days challenge
15 days challenge
21 days challenge
at last, you should learn 21/90 rule in the life.
it takes 21 days to build up your habit and 90 days to make it life rule!
–> challenge yourself to change yourself, your routine and your life <–
wish you great life,
Thank you!

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