The Latest Hit and Viral Android Old Face Application 2021

Old Face Apps – One of the advantages of using an Android smartphone like the Samsung is that you can install a variety of apps for free. Things are different if you use an iPhone where the average application is a paid application. Now one of the applications that are currently popular is an application to change the face to be old.

There are tons of face editing apps available on the Play Store. On average it is a free application, so you can directly install it on your Samsung cellphone or other smartphone. But unfortunately not all applications have the same quality, because most of them are junk applications that are not worth installing.

Every Android developer is free to make the application they want. But sometimes there are naughty developers who are just looking for profit, regardless of the quality of the applications they make. As a result, there are lots of junk applications that only display ads.


If you are looking for the best old face application, then you must install this one application. FaceApp is the only application that uses AI technology to change a person’s face to look older or even younger. This application also provides features for adding beards, hairstyles, and facial expressions.

Unfortunately we can’t enjoy all the available features, because some features can be unlocked if you subscribe to the Pro Version. The subscription fee for the Pro Version is 9$, so prepare more money if you want to taste all the features that FaceApp provides.

The AI ​​technology used by the FaceApp application is quite sophisticated. The way this application works is using a cloud system so that it requires internet access when you want to change your face to be old. In addition, FaceApp also provides filters for gender swaps, and changes the background automatically.

All the advantages of FaceApp cannot be separated from the AI ​​technology used by the application. AI will work automatically according to the selected filter. The editing results are also very neat and no less good than editing using Photoshop or other photo editing applications. Now to try this application, please download it on the Play Store for free.


CONCLUSION : After we tried all the apps above, we think FaceApp is the best. The app is absolutely perfect, because it can realistically age your face and doesn’t look like an edited photo. You must give it a try if you are looking for the best old face photo editing app for Android.

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