How to Search Google Search History by Date on Android

With the Google application; we can quickly obtain various kinds of information needed very easily. Only with one keyword / keywords only; we can get a variety of information needed from many sources. Especially, if you have a Google account; You can easily and free access various products owned by Google.


But you know, in addition to browsing history, what we do will be recorded automatically by the browser used; Your Google account will also automatically record your search history in the Google app. But the difference, by using a Google account; You can search search history by specific date. That way, it will be easier for you to find the history of the website address you need. Well, on this occasion; We will discuss how to display search history in Google apps by date on your Android device.


1. Open the Google app on your Android device, and then tap the Profile icon in the upper right corner of the main page of the Google app. Select and tap the Search History menu .

2. After the Search History page opens, tap the Date icon above your Google account history collection.

3. Now, you enter the searching history page. There is a column Show history older than . Tap the date icon , and select a date one day after the date you want to see the history for. For example, if you want to see browsing history on July 30, 2021, then you have to select July 31, 2021. Then, tap the Apply button to display browsing history on that date.

4. After that, the Google application will display the search history according to the date you requested. Then on the main page of the search history will appear like keywords / keywords of search history before the date. To return the history page to its original state, cross- tap  on the keyword. Do not refresh on the search history page, just close the search history page in the Google application.

5. When you reopen the search history page in the Google application, your search history will return to the current date. Perform similar steps as above to display your browsing history on another date.


With the search history feature in this Google application, you can easily find your search history again by search date. That way, you can more easily find the website you need. If you still need information from the website, you can bookmark it to better save the website address.

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