How to Make SuperZoom Videos on Facebook

Have you tried the superzoom feature on Facebook? Well, if you haven’t already, you must try this cool feature.


Instagram and Facebook are currently two social media giants that are still above the cloud and are also of course used by various groups of people around the world. Various features have emerged, and if you can say now, the two are increasingly similar when viewed in terms of features. For example, from the story feature on Facebook itself, there is also a story called and in it there are also filter effects like those on Instagram.


Indeed, the two social media platforms are slightly different, but actually they are still closely related, both of which are fronted by Mark Zuckerberg. So don’t be surprised if some of their features are the same. For example, like the superzoom effect on Instagram which we can now also enjoy and use on the Facebook application.


The previous superzoom feature was very successful in attracting the hearts of users on the Instagram application, so it’s no wonder Facebook is now starting to launch the feature. Not much different from Instagram on Facebook, there is also a superzoom video with effects on Instagram. Like fire , dramatic , hearts and so on.

Well, for those who are not familiar with superzoom, this is a camera mode where we will be given a zooming effect on objects with funny effects and dramatic sounds according to what effects we will choose in superzoom mode .


1. Make sure your Facebook application is updated or the latest application. Then create a Facebook story by pressing the profile photo on the home screen then tap the camera icon at the bottom. Don’t forget to give access permission on the Facebook app to access the camera.

2. Slide the effects at the bottom left until you find the superzoom effect . Well, later in the superzoom menu there are still several other effects at the top. Tap the shutter button to start using it. If you have you can add stickers and also text. Tap the Save menu to save the file to the gallery or directly tap Share to share it to your Facebook story .


So more or less like above, how to make a superzoom video on Facebook. So not only Instagram users can create a superzoom effect, now Facebook users can also enjoy this cool feature.

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