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Need More Time? Read These Tips To Eliminate Social Media

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Need More Time? Read These Tips To Eliminate Social Media

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It’s a 3 o’clock in morning, still i’m online or chatting with her/him..
oh no! why he/she liked him/her photo??
why commented on that? it is too much!
Today i’ve spent more 4 hours on instagram…
No, it is really too much for now tomorrow i’ll sure try to overcome it..

these are some common issues felt in general life!
anything, that becomes our addiction or bad habit..
we have to get rid on it fastly, otherwise it will start to destroy our future..
social media is not affect only negatively on us. it can also be useful and beneficial, if and only our purpose to use it is not to get likes and comments..
it’ll useful to get information about our xyz field, it can give motivation, information, necessary ideas and much more!
but see, we’re mostly not interested in that..
literally, our general is living in wrong illustration. somewhere, we’re going with most of bad ideas. we are trying to found satisfaction in likes, comments.
it’s okay to get connected with this, but only for some time. if it’ll more than it’s require, it’ll definitely affect negatively on us. Therefore
Here, given some tricks to stop social media Addiction
so, we can overcome this problem..

  1. Firstly, turn off social media notifications. when we stop notifications from disturbing our normal routine, we might find it easier to concentrate on your daily tasks and not get distracted so easily.
  2. Create and focus on a new Hobby. 
  3. Make it like a treat…
  4. Go outside…(without phone)
  5. Spend more time with our loved ones…
  6. meditation can help more..
  7. limit & motivate ourself..
  8. self understanding is matters at last
  9. don’t think too much about likes/comments..

That’s how, we can get prevent from social media
if we still can’t be enough successful on it, we have
to try for detoxification, you can check more about how social media is destroying our lives.
what is digital detoxification? click here to know about it in details…
Do you have more ideas on this ? comment below (if yes)

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