How to Change Song Quality in Joox

Along with the development of today’s smartphone technology, making fierce competition among the applications in it. So, don’t be surprised if an application has many features that can be accessed by its users. Music apps are no exception. Currently, there are many popular music applications such as Spotify, Resso, Joox, and many more.


As one of the most widely used music applications today, the Joox application is one of the most popular music applications. Through this application, you can listen to various types of songs from your favorite singers. In addition, this application also has several other interesting features that are not yet owned by rival music applications. These features are the feature of changing the quality of the song and the feature of changing the genre of the song.


With the song quality feature, you can change the appearance of the song quality. The higher the quality, the better the sound produced by the application. By using this feature, you can still listen to your favorite songs even if you use a little internet data.


As for the feature to change the song genre, you can change the song to the genre you like. There are several genre choices provided by the Joox application. Apart from that, you can also set your own genre of songs according to your style and needs.


1. Open the Joox application on your device, then search and play your favorite song.

2. To be able to adjust the quality of the song in the Joox music application, simply click the Med button next to the singer’s name. Then select the quality of the music Joox application provides three choices of music quality that can be used for free and a choice of paid music. Three choices of music quality that can be used for free are Low-Low , Std-Standard , and Med-Medium . Select and click one of the music qualities that suit your needs.

3. Besides being able to change the quality of the music; in the Joox music app, you can also change the genre of the song. To be able to change the genre of the song, click on the Effects button to the right of the music quality button.

4. Here, several genres are available, namely Blues , Pop , Studio , Groove , Rock , Classic , Elegant , and Electronic . Click one of the genres that you like, and the appearance of the song will automatically change according to the genre you choose. In addition, you can also adjust the appearance of the song as you wish; click Custom and change the appearance of the genre according to your needs. Finished.


Joox provides many options for its users. One of them is to adjust the quality of the music, and change your favorite songs with the appearance of the genre that you like. With these two features, you can still enjoy songs with the genres you like while saving your internet quota.

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