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Welcome to Teen Patti Master, Teen Patti Master Is an Indian Version of Solitaire Game. Play World’s No.1 Solitaire Game on your Smartphone, and take your gaming experience to the next level. Teen Patti Master is now Available for Android.

Welcome to Teen Patti Master Is an Indian Version of Rummy Game. Play World’s Best Rummy Game on your Smartphone, and take your gaming experience to the next level.

Teen Patti Master is the only app that offers a professional gaming experience. Teen Patti Master APK offers valuable tips, strategies, and rules to help you understand the game’s nuances and enhance your playing skills.

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Teen Patti Master is one of the best Rummy gaming apps that allow playing various domestic and international games under Rummy gaming. It allows users to play contests with minimum entry fees in all Rummy app games. It has more than 5.8 million active users all over the world.

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Teen Patti Master is the best Rummy gaming app in India and helps lots of users earn money by playing Rummy games. Anyone can download this app easily and play Rummy games safely.

App Name :Teen Patti Master
Publisher :Teen Patti Master
App Size :61 Mb
App Version :Latest
Sign Up Bonus :51Rs
TeenPatti Master Refer Code :Smart rummy
Refer and Earn :Sign up for 51rs and Commission 30% Lifetime
Apk Update 15/04/2023


If we talk about the Teen Patti Master Feature, then many great features have been given in it. who can attract you. You can know about the features of this apk below.

Refer And Earn Money: In Teen Patti Master app, you get the feature of Refer and Earn. Where you can earn money by sharing this app with friends. This additional feature of earning money from this app is quite good.

Daily Bonus: Guy, you will get Rs.1500 free chips as soon as you download this game and sign up for your account.

Quick Support: With this application, you get immediate help from the company in case of any problem. Here you can talk to a customer care officer at any time.

Excellent Interface: The other unique thing about this application is that the interface of this application is being given to you here.


we will share some steps below, which can help to Registration –

  • After downloading, Open the Teen Patti Master App and allow some permissions to use the app.
  • Click on the Register button.
  • Now, Enter your Mobile NumberEmailDate of Birth, set password, Tick Terms&conditions, and Click on Create Account button.
  • Now, verify the OTP from Mobile and Email, then click the Continue button.


After registering your account using my Teen Patti Master referral code, you get Rs 51Rs a sign-up bonus, you can use this bonus amount to play Rummy games and win cash prizes. but to redeem the cash you need to do KYC or Verify your Rummy smart account.

Here we will share steps to verify or KYC your Rummy smart account.

  • In the App, Go to Side Menu and Click on the Verify Account Option.
  • Now, Go to Pan Card Page.
  • In the Pan Card section, Enter your Name, Pan Number and upload Pan Card Image and Click on the Submit for Verification Button.
  • Now, your pan card details are submitted for verification, after a few minutes or hours your KYC will be done.

Teen Patti Master


Teen Patti Master Is an Indian Version of Solitaire Game. This is a single-player card game where the objective is to move all the cards to specific foundation piles, typically by suit and in ascending order.

Deal out a standard deck of 52 playing cards into seven tableau columns, with the first column having one card, the second having two cards, and so on, up to the seventh column which has seven cards. Turn the top card of each tableau column face up.

Foundation piles are where you build up each suit in ascending order, starting with the Ace and ending with the King.

You can move cards between tableau columns in descending order and alternating colors. For example, you can move a red 6 onto a black 7. You can also move cards to the foundation piles if they follow the same suit and are in ascending order.

Yes, you can move cards between tableau columns if the top card of the column you’re moving to is one rank higher and of a different color than the card you’re moving. Additionally, you can move sequences of cards in descending order if they are of alternating colors.

If you can’t make any more moves, you can draw cards from the stockpile (remaining deck) and continue playing. However, if the stockpile runs out and you still can’t make any moves, the game ends.

You win Teen Patti Master by successfully moving all the cards to the foundation piles, completing each pile with all 13 cards of the same suit in ascending order, starting with the Ace and ending with the King.

This depends on the version you’re playing. Some versions allow you to undo moves, while others do not. Check the settings or rules of the specific Solitaire game you’re playing to see if undoing moves is an option.

Most Teen Patti Master games do not have a time limit. You can take as much time as you need to strategize and make your moves.

Yes, there are many digital versions of Solitaire available for computers, tablets, and smartphones. You can find Teen Patti Master games in app stores or play them online through various websites.

Disclaimer: This app is for information and Entertainment purposes only.